Description of Play

Joseph Croan, 57, a famous child psychiatrist, has risen from childhood in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, to professorship at the Presbyterian Hospital, Manhattan. He’s married to Cindy, 39, a Native American academic. Visiting Edinburgh, Joseph can’t get out of his hi-tech flat in the old Royal Infirmary, as Cindy, back in New York, enters premature labour with their first child. As Joseph tries to escape, Sam, a 13 year-old Muirhouse boy he’d assessed 25 years before, in the very same room, appears.

The ensuing events bring about Joseph’s downfall, in a terrifying cascade of self destruction.


ChildMinder will be staged in its world premiere 8-10th June 2023 at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, followed by a tour to Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock and The Byre Theatre, Saint Andrews.

Creative Team

Björt Sigfúsdóttir Michelle DIRECTOR
Michelle McKay PRODUCER


Cal MacAninch JOSEPH Website
Mara Huf CINDY
Ben Ewing SAM