I like to immerse myself in reading for my plays.

I do this both before I start writing, to understand the area I think I want to write about and also during the writing – which is a bit like refuelling a fire to keep it burning.

Here are some of the books I’ve read for the most recent plays:

Children Of The Mist

Children Of The Mist The book I never read… The book that started this play off never came into my hands. As far as I know, it may not exist and - in a wonderful way - it doesn’t need to. Instead, it was the subject of a conversation which sparked the play off. I [...]


Childminder Coming soon..

L’espace Du Vrai Amour

L’espace Du Vrai Amour I have read an extensive amount on Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Here are some of the main texts: Catalogue Raisnonee, Edited by Gerd Woll Complete Graphic Works, Edited by Gerd Woll.

The Garden Of Love

The Garden Of Love De Rerum Naturum (On the Nature of Things) - Lucretius Translated by Lucy Hutchinson The Swerve - Stephen Greenblatt