Paint Her Well

Description of Play

A 90 minute BBC Radio 4 Monday play (1996).

A fantastical drama set in a fictitious mountain kingdom, where two paintings hang side by side in the Royal Gallery. One is a marriage portrait of the Queen and the other is of an unknown woman, painted decades earlier. Mysteriously, magically, they seem identical. As The Court Painter explains why, we journey into a complex world of intrigue, betrayal and violent redemption. Starring David Tennant and Liam Brennan.

Creative Team

Patric Rayner DIRECTOR


David Tennant CAST
Liam Brennan CAST
Megan Frazer CAST
Robin Thomson CAST
Lawrence Paine CAST
Wendy Seeger CAST
James Brice CAST
David Evans CAST
Liza Langland CAST
Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Jan Vermeer (1665)